Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I got a new computer for the holidays and i am pretty stoked about that. I don't think i could have gotten a better gift, in fact. My previous laptop fell victim to the famous Aerostar crash of 2006 but it seemed to survive somehow. With a rubber band holding its shell together, it lasted another 2 years with me. It still works and i love the little thing, but when compared to this new beauty, it fails.

Let's talk about customer service for the holidays. Now, a lot of people probably have complained about things and i know that during the holidays, tensions are high... but there were two people this holiday that need to be pointed out as douche bags of the year. It only seems fitting that they would be named such at the END of the year near the holidays, no?

First: Mikelina (or however you spell this bundle of joy's name) was our first foray into the world of assholes working in customer service. Long story short, my girlfriend bought a new phone for herself for Christmas and since she was still under contract, they said that they would sign her up for a second line and that after 30 days, she should cancel that second line. Well, that was at a T mobile kiosk at the Glendale Galleria and when we called T mobile, they said that didn't make sense and now we would have to pay all these cancellation fees. Well, we were transferred to customer service at T mobile - a company i have NEVER had a problem with since 2004. This girl proceeded to call my girlfriend gullible and undermine her in every way possible... and that was only the first five minutes. Well, an hour and complaint later, we finished that conversation and headed to bed.

Second: We were constantly told that we should go back to the kiosk because they could answer more questions than the people on the phone could. Didn't make sense but we went ahead. We went back to the idiot sales person who sold us the phone in the first place. He didn't want to take the phone back but we convinced him that it wasn't our fault he sold us on a shady deal and he finally agreed. Another call to T mobile and a talk with another competent human being, we were granted a NEW blackberry for half the price we got it from this douche. We agreed and went to return the phone -- the deal we had made with the dude earlier, right? wrong... and why not? This guy is a douche. Long story long, (will update with his full name) at the Glendale Galleria "Mobile Solutions" T mobile kiosk "store" almost fought me over what could have been a simple conversation about protocol and hierarchy and getting his bosses number out of him was like squeezing lemonade from a banana. He undermined my best friend's fraternity, talked down to me and my girlfriend, and treated customers the way NO customer should ever be treated. Apparently three letters never crossed his mind -- BBB... the Better Business Bureau -- who will be getting a call from me today if the kiosk manager doesn't fire (insert douche bag's name here later) by the end of the day.

anyway, that's my blog to wrap up the end of the year. anyone looking to do something fun/low key/low cost for new years? also, i have rent to pay... anyone need their lawn mowed or house cleaned or video edited? i have a shiny new mac book pro! let's do this!