Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jonze vs. Lee

Today at work ,i had to do some research on this Spike Lee movie about the L.A. Riots and i thought - you know what would be an interesting conversation? A conversation between Spike Jonze and Spike Lee... Nothing in common except the fact that they are the two reigning "Spikes" in Hollywood. This made me think more -- when did I realize who was who? Jonze is so hip. But i never thought that Spike Lee and Spike Jonze were two different people. I just didn't care enough i guess until today.

So i searched the internet. SOMEONE had to put these two guys together, right? Myspace Black Carpet? NBC's Good Morning America? Conan? nothing. i couldn't even find anyone else who thought this would be a good idea... or an idea at all. am i alone on this? is this pure coffee / water cooler talk?

So in my search, i cam across THIS urban dictionary article on Spike Jonze. I go to this site all the time to look up funny pop culture words and see what people's takes are on the subject. It couldn't be more hilarious. It was not only super clever, but the NICEST urban dictionary listing i had ever seen.

i THEN had to look up Spike Lee and what entry was right below Jonze on THIS one. Spike Lee... and it couldn't have shed the light on the subject of why these men had never been put together.

With how contrasted these two entries are, would this be an interesting conversation anymore? shit -- probably! I am surprised Lee hasn't tried suing Jonze for not only having a more bad ass and ethnic-sounding name than Lee, but for also using the "Spike" moniker. check out THIS article to read about how he tried suing Viacom over Spike TV (and apparently won?) and you'll see what i mean.

all in all -- can this conversation ever happen? can we talk to Jimmy Fallon about having a good episode where these two meet? (although i AM on board with Jimmy regarding the Saved by the Bell reunion). someone help with this. I think it is important to get these two in a room and have a chat - no?

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