Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pen Cups: A Theory

I had to write a post about this rather than just rant about it on twitter. Why don't all pens have the color they are on the bottom tip?

We all put them in these cups on our desks -- and we always need a pen. But we don't always need a red pen.

Sure, some might say, "Why not just take the red pens out? Do you ever use it for anything anyway?"

And to that I say, "Yes, I do."

I use pink post-it notes (it was a variety pack) and I can't ever write on them in red pen but I have a red pen on my desk -- mostly because I don't mind nor do I care enough to find another pen. Then I have to go for the next pen I have in the cup which is a sharpie (it's not a very full cup). Even the sharpie is red! Yes, I also have a black sharpie but why don't these pens have the colors on the bottom?

Am I the only one who puts my pens in facing down? I do it because, in my mind anyway, it keeps the ink near the tip of the utensil. Nothing bugs me more than having to shake my pen to get it to work -- nothing other than pens not having their color on the bottoms.

There are some brands that get this right. I'm lookin' at you, Staples Brand pens.  But I am ALSO lookin' at you, Staples, because your pens blow.  Seriously.

Anyway, I'm about as over this blog as I am writing it -- but at least I didn't have to grab a fuckin' pen!

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