Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Celeb nooz

okay... so i hate celebs and news as much as anyone, but absolutepunk.net posted this and so i saw it.... and YES she's an idiot... but this pic is taken out of context, no? i mean, is there not an Asian IN this picture? my buddy Tac would agree... we probably have taken pics like this WITH him in them as a joke to him... that's the difference between a promotional pic and personal pics. since this pic is out in the public now, it is offensive. there are THOUSANDS of "offensive" pictures i have taken in my time... but I am not publicizing them as promotional pics for my career. I am also not Miley Cyrus, but she's 16 or whatever... most of my racy pics are from when I was 16. so what? Miley Cyrus is a stupid 16 year old, Michael Phelps smokes pot, and Christian Bale is a lunatic... is this at all surprising people? i mean... REALLY?!

anyway, this video/remix blew my mind.

my next blog is going to be about the Nielsen system and wtf THAT shits all about. who the fuck is watching NCIS... really?!

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