Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Last Night

FIRST -- you NEED to watch these ads. These ads aired at the old Lowes cinema at Citywalk when i was in high school all the way up to when they re-did them in like 2007 and turned them into AMCs. this was the hilight of my shitty-walk movie-going experience and i want to share these ads with you. I think my buddy Tomar was the only other person that thought this was aas insanely hilarious as I did... and THIS is how i fell in love with Rob Huebel.


Last night, Suzi, Ryan and I accompanied Dave Brown and co. to the UCB Theatre by our house to see Rob and Paul Sheer do their "Crash Test" show (which has now been re-named "Double Diamond" because it's for professionals only!) Anyway, they were amazing and there were some funny comics, some un-funny and long-winded comics, and then there was Ed Helms (Andy Bernard from The Office). Amazing night. stupid star-struck by the cast, and a good time had by all. The last dood, a writer from Conan, was kind of not great but that almost made it funny.... maybe that was the point. I am so clueless when it comes to these things.

on another note, why isnt this stupid blogging-field auto-correcting my capitalization. I am going to start writing these blogs in Word first, then copy and pasting. GOOD NIGHT!

PS - benjamin button was awesome.

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