Thursday, March 24, 2011

Party Down and other things from this week.

I have been CRAZY suck over the past few weeks. But with sickness comes the watching of new shows. I had only heard of "Party Down" from a few co-workers and that was it. I have always loved nearly everyone involved with this project but had never even heard of this show.

Now, I have watched both seasons in full and am SUPER bummed out that it's gone. I do love that I can see Adam Scott in "Parks and Recreation" every week but his relationship as Henry with Casey and Roman and Kyle and the rest of the Party Down catering crew was so real and tangeable... it's just a shame it didn't last longer.

I highly recommend you go and cop that -ish on Netflix this week. Both seasons are streaming in their entirety and are waiting to be enjoyed. I have started many-a-show before -- "Arrested Development," "Mad Men," "Weeds," "Dexter," etc. but none had captured me like this show. It will truly be missed!

On another note, the wedding planning is going well! We are about to send out our Save-the-dates, our minister has been ordained, our guest-list is finalized, and we just have a few things to take care of with the venue (fire permits, etc.) In fact, to tie these two thoughts together, if you watch the season finale of "Party Down's" first season, the location their wedding is at is also Suzi and my wedding location! Not the same location on the property but just walking distance. Maybe we will have a "Party Down" themed wedding and both get married in long-sleeved collared shirts with pink bow-ties. Hey, it could happen!

I am also working on a few projects that will be added to my web reel soon as well as some projects that will take you to an entirely different site! If you have actor or director friends or you are in need of a reel, hit me up! All the recent reels I have done are up at I am also writing a script with a good buddy for a short film that we hope to shoot more than likely this winter (after the wedding.)

MobileMe: Recently I took to the twitters and the facebooks to ask what people thought of MobileMe vs. Gmail. I got my responses and have made my decision. I am now switching over to MobileMe full-time. I will still get the emails sent to my Gmail address but will no longer be using that address. If you'd like my new email address, just hit me up and ask!

I think that covers a plethora of things going on in my life right now. Let me know if I should do more update-y type stuff here or not. Maybe this will be like my "Doogie Howser, M.D." journal.


  1. why mobile me? I hate my mobile me.

  2. Really? I LOVE it! It's just so seamless and does everything I want it to do without any additional setup. I have been super bored with Gmail. I never use gmail's web interface, anyway. I love and use apple mail so the change is merly an address to me and not anything else.

    why don't you like it?