Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 2

Here's my second song. "Quick Bullet"

"I have been in the same band for 9 years. We are not active but far from broken up -- we just all have day-jobs now and maybe get together once or twice a year to bang out the songs. We haven't written a new song in over 5 years (aside from 30 second songs here and there for Prop 8, etc). About 5 years ago, I heard Ryan playing the first riff you hear in the song and it stuck with me. I play it constantly but couldn't ever hear the song. Then this song-a-day exercise came up and I knew this had to be pulled out of the hat. I came up with the first two lines of lyrics on a bike ride today, came home, and recorded this in an hour. While it totally SOUNDS like I took only an hour to do this, I was so much more excited to get this song DOWN as opposed to perfect -- to the point that I whispered the vocals, basically and only did one pass at it. I'll DEFINATELY be coming back to this song in the near future. I hope you're all into it. It might be something completely different from anything else on here. Sounds like NOFX or Propagandhi."

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