Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 4

Here's my song for my 4th day: "Sometimes Looking Back is Easier Than Looking Forward"
"So the Gorillaz's new record is being recorded completely on an iPad and a bunch of bands are doing viral videos playing songs using their iPhones, etc so this song was completely recorded using my iPad. Well, that and GarageBand. I started with SoundDrop -- a sound-generator app based off bounding balls off of these lines you draw with your finger. It's a completely live "instrument" if you will in the sense that it's not pre-programmable. That's the confusing off-but-in-time clicking you hear. Then I used JamPad for the synth lead, drums, and guitar. I did live switching on the drums so they have some strange 'choices' for beats but I figured WTH. Then I used QuickVoice to record vocals which i couldn't record straight into GB so I recorded and then synced back to the song after laying it into GB. A fun experiment but I'll try something more tangible tomorrow."

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